Rewards Program

Please note: We will be discontinuing our Rewards Program on Feb 17th.
Accumulated points can be used until Feb 28th. After that, they will expire.

How do I earn points?
  • You earn points when shopping with us. $1 spent = 1 point earned.
  • To earn rewards, you will need to create an account and be signed in when ordering.
  • Log in before making payment on your order and your account will be awarded points.
  • If you forgot to log in or created an account after placing your order, contact us within 30 days of placing your order and we will update your account.
  • Points are not awarded on the shipping costs of your order. Only products earn points.

Which items earn points?

  • Almost all our items will earn points. If you have an account, once you are logged in the point value is display on each item page. Closeouts may be exempt from the Rewards Program

How do I redeem my Points?

  • To redeem your points, log in to your account. Under the Rewards section of the My Account page, click Redeem
  • You can choose a $10 *gift certificate (200 point) or choose from a wide selection of products at varying point value. (If you prefer the certificate, you can also perform a search for " certificate " and redeem it that way).
  • * If choosing the gift certificate, you will receive an email confirming the redemption and another containing the gift certificate code. You can also retrieve the code by logging into your account and reviewing the Gift Certificate section. Ignore any Shipping emails regarding a gift certificate. They are emailed and not shipped. To use the gift certificate off a future order, enter the code given during checkout.
  • UPDATED 8-1-2013 - You can now trade in your earned points for products through one of two ways:
  • A) Once logged in, you will see a "Redemption" link under the Add to Cart button. Clicking this link will add the item to your order and you can check out as normal. The item will be paid using your accumulated points. Normal shipping costs are calculated at the items weight.


  • B) Log in and go to the Rewards section on the My Accounts page. This area will display your accumulated point value. Click Redeem and all available Point Products along with their redemption value will be displayed. Click Redeem and the item will be added to your cart. Proceed through checkout as normal.

This allows you to add free item(s) to an order currently in your cart instead of using a complicated coupon code.

The Fine Print

  • The Rewards Program may change or be canceled at any time.
  • Rewards have no cash value. They can only be redeemed for gift certificates or products redeemed through the program.
  • Points may expire if not used within 365 days from earned date.
  • Points redeemed can not be applied to previously placed orders.

Shop. Redeem. Enjoy.