Site News

January 11 2017

We have removed our old tier discounts and replaced them with a Mix and Match style discount. The old discount, you needed to buy 3+ of the same item to get a discount. Now you can mix and match items in each category to obtain the various discounts (3-11 and 12+). You can watch your savings add up by reviewing the Discount total under the Subtotal on the View Cart page.

We added a USPS Flat Rate shipping price for orders weighing up to 2 pounds. We will be adding more flat rate shipping costs in the future.

August 11 2016

We are closing out all our oils, tarts and salt and pepper shakers. Once current inventory is depleted, these items will not be restocked.

June 21 2016

We have received a shipment of the popular Poly Resin Oil Warmers, including some designs that have been out of stock for a quite a while. These can be viewed in the Poly Resin category.

June 16 2016

We have received a shipment of oil warmers in. These can be viewed in the Electric Oil Warmers category.

May 21 2016

We will be closing out the Salt and Pepper shakers as well as the Paper Towel Holders. These have always been slower movers and we will no longer carry them after June 1st or until current stock is depleted.

May 10 2016

We have received a shipment of scented tarts as well as both sizes of fragrance oils in.

March 5 2016

We received several new dream catcher styles in. You can view them here or by clicking the Whats New category.

March 1 2016

We have received a shipment of restock candle warmers and dream catchers. Several previously out of stock items are now back in stock:

Marble Black Candle Warmer
2 in 1 Tart Warmer
Fleur De Lis Candle Warmer
Butterfly Jar Candle Warmer
Marble Brown Candle Warmer
Small Wood Frame Dream Catchers

We have also lowered pricing on a few tart warmers and candle warmer.

July 3rd 2015

We have lowered our pricing on single unit tall Candle Warmers. Our pricing went from $12 each to $11 each. You can view these warmers, as well as other popular styles here

June 30 2015

We have added several new Dream Catcher related items to our website. You can view them in the Whats New category as well as the Dream Catchers category.

May 13 2015

We have brought back the popular Tin Metal Laser Etched Oil / Tart Warmers as well as adding several new styles. You can see them, along with many other new items in the Whats New category.

May 1 2015

New Feature - Have a question about an item that is not answered on the product page? Simply click the "Questions About This Item" link above the price and ask your question. A friendly sales staff will answer your question, posting it to the product page as well as emailing you directly.

April 28 2015

We added several new items to our website. You can find them in the Whats New category.

April 20 2015

We did some updating to our website to make it mobile friendly. In the past, we used a generic template for mobile and tablet users but with the update, you can view our main site on your mobile device. Now, placing your order on the go is just as easy as using the desktop version of our site.

We also updated our log in page and account creation page. A new, updated checkout page is also coming soon.

March 6 2015

We added 4 new oil warmers to our website:

Blue Oil Warmer Lamp

Clear Oil Warmer Lamp
Red Oil Warmer Lamp
Purple Oil Warmer Lamp

March 5 2015

We have added two new categories to our site, Buy The Case and Paper Towel Holders. Buy the case allows you to purchase items at a reduced price buy buying a full case. We will be adding new items to this category soon.

March 2 2015

We have updated our product pages so the Select Qty field is now a drop down box instead of a blank box. You can use the drop down box to select the desire amount of each item you want to purchase instead of having to enter a number. This will make ordering a little faster. You can still update the quantity on the View Cart as before.

March 3 2015

We have discontinued some of our slower selling items. You can view these items in the Wholesale Closeouts section. Once gone, they will not be back.

February 20 2015

We added Paypal Credit as a form of payment. Paypal credit allows you to buy now and pay for your purchase over a 6 month period. You can select that option during the Check Out process.

February 15 2015

We have updated our website to a fresher, cleaner look. We also updated our Products pages so they flow better.

February 1, 2015

We will be discontinuing our Rewards Program on February 17th. After this date, points will no longer accumulate. Points can be used until February 28th.


August 20, 2012

2 new Apps added to the site: My Favorite Items and Quick Order Form

1) We have added a Quick Order Form, which allows you to place your orders faster. If you already know your item number(s), you can save time by entering them into the Quick Order Form, located under the Category section, then enter the quantity desired and click Add to Cart. This will take you directly to the View Cart page with the item(s) in your cart, ready to checkout.

If you do not know the item number, you can view that information on the category pages below the image of each item, along with current stock levels.

We will be adding an online catalog soon listing all items which you can download and use as a reference when using the Quick Order Form.

2) We have also added the My Favorite Items app to our website. Now you can add your favorite items, or if you resell on eBay, your listed items, to your Favorites list making ordering quicker and easier. Need to order quick? Simply log in to your account, scroll down to My Favorite Items, click View Details and add your items to the shopping cart.

Simply look for this icon:  on the item pages and click "Add to Favorite Items".
Next time you visit, your favorite items are only one click away.

We have more features coming soon.

April 16, 2012:

We have updated our product pages to allow you to order multiple items from the same page. While on a product page, you will see related items below the item description. To order any item, simply click the items check box and click Add to Cart.

We have a shipment of Oil Warmers due in May 7th. We have added these to the Coming Soon category. To get notified when these items are available, simply click the item you are interested in, click the Put me on the Waiting list button and we will notify you once the items are available.

April 2 2012:

We have added the popular Facebook Login feature to our website. If you have a Facebook account, you can save time on our site by using the Log in with Facebook feature. This will eliminate the need to type a username/password to log in and/or checkout.

If you already have an account with us, clicking the Facebook log in button will automatically link your accounts as long as the email address used here is the same as your facebook email address.

New customers can simply click the Facebook button to create a new account before or during checkout.

April 1 2012:

We have added the Pinterest feature to our product pages. If you use Pinterest, simply click the Pin It button on any item page to Pin the images of our products to your Pinterest board. For more information, check out

March 27 2012:

From now until April 30th, 2012, add $150.00 or more to your cart, before shipping, and save an extra 5% off your total. No coupon code needed. The savings is automatic!

February 14 2012

We have added 14 news candle and tart warmers to the website. You can view them in the Whats New category. We have also added many items to the wholesale closeout area. Check the category for some great deals!

August 18 2011

Due to the fragile nature of our candle warmers and oil warmers, effective September 1st, we will no longer ship outside the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

July 30 2011

We are testing a new feature called Deal of the Day. Each day, a new item will be added to the deal page. Check back each day and grab a deal!

If you would like to see a particular item added to the deal page, let us know!

July 28 2011

Oil warmers container has been pushed back until first week of August. Candle warmers, including many of the new Coming Soon warmers was pushed back until 3rd week of August.

June 29 2011

We have added several new 13" dream catchers to our product line. These are replacing the older styles, which have been discontinued.

June 11 2011:

We are discontinuing the following items from our website. These items will be removed on June 30th and will no longer be available:

Silicone Band Watches
Poly Resin Fairies

May 24 2011

We have lowered pricing on many of our candle warmers, tart warmers and oil warmers.

March 3 2011 -
We have switched over to a new shopping cart platform. It may take up to 48 hours for the full change over to take affect. If you have shopped with us in the past your account username and password should work on the new platform. If your password is not working, select the Forget Password link on the My Account link to gain access to your log in details.
Past orders were not brought over to the new system. We will keep the old system up for approximately 60 days. If you need order information or invoices from the old system contact us.
Feb 20 2011 -
We have added approximately 75 new items to the website. Some are old items we are offering again, most are new to our line.
Site news prior to Feb 2011 has been removed.