What is SSL Encryption

Vista Wholesale uses 128 bit encryption to keep your personal information safe. When you enter your personal information, it is transferred to our credit card processor. Using 128 bit encryption insures your personal data is protected. The information is scrambled and is not viewable so others can not see this information. Your information is 100% GUARANTEED to be safe.

If you are entering your information on a website that does not use 128 bit SSL encryption, you take a chance of others seeing your personal information as it is passed on to the credit card processor. Checking to see if a website is safe is easy. Simply change the http:// part of their url by adding an "S". Instead of http://somewebsite.com trying entering https://somewebsite.com. If the website does not come up after entering the "S" (you get a "Page Can Not Be Found" message or the page times out) then their website is not using 128 Bit SSL Encryption and is not secure. If this is the case, we recommend not entering your personal data on their website.